Chinese language Classes

HSK-1, HSK-2, HSK-3, HSK-4 & HSK- kk Exam Preparation

Chinese Academy

NLE Exam After Graduation from foreign universities.

Online Training Center

Physical and Online Classes of International Universities are arranged in this center

Why You choose us?

INTERNATIONAL MANDARIN CENTER is project of Al-Hasham Educational Advisors (Pvt. Ltd.) with cooperation of foreign national and international institutes. Students enrolled in foreign universities are taking their physical Language and medical classes in this center. 

AHEA Pakistan has been helping students with One-Stop service to get admitted to renowned Chinese Universities accompanied by various facilities like: Scholarships, Wavers on Tuition Fees, Accommodation Fees for overseas students.

By balancing with the students’ previous academic records, and their degree choices with major studies for the future, we provide them the optimum career based consultancy to lead them to the ultimate success.


academic exellence

Highly qualified staff in co-operation with foreign teachers are striving at their best.


The system is monitored and guided locally and internationally by foreign universities management. 


A unique workforce development strategy used in our system to support workers’ transitions from education into and through the workforce


To promote educational development and economic Co-operation, our organization is struggling to achieve the highest sustainable educational growth, employment and a rising standard of
living in member countries, while maintaining financial stability, and thus to contribute to the
development of the national economy.


We provide opportunities to succeed

Students are not only taught basic courses, they are also allowed to groom themselves in advance learning environment maintained and monitored by foreign institutes. 

Further, a complete hygiene environment, supported by well ventilated rooms, healthy food and general ethical, aerial, land and water cleanliness


school enviroment & technology

Young minds are cultivated under most advanced and secured environment. They are trained by for foreign trained and foreign national trainers. The school environment is clean and hygienic, and maintained under international standards.

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